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You are sure to run as fast as you can and scream at the top of your lungs when you experience the attractions at The Frightmare Compound located near Thornton. You have never felt fear the way you will when you take a trip through our three different mind-melting horror attractions. We are a family operation who has dedicated years and invested significant funds to creating (what we believe is) the perfect horror thrill. If you are a brave enough soul to enter our compound, you will understand why so many people have named us one of the best Halloween attractions near Thornton.




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A Haunted Attraction with Over 35 Years of History Near Thornton

Brad Holder first opened The Frightmare Compound in 1983 after the idea to terrify people struck him like a hatchet from a madman; which makes us probably the oldest Halloween attraction located just outside of Thornton. After he passed, Holder was buried inside the compound alongside the ghosts and entities that haunt the grounds. His son took the mantle and has kept the legends alive so that Thornton residents can experience the grand horror every Halloween season.

Denver's World Famous Haunted House

35 Years Of Terror!


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We Keep Thornton Screaming with Our Horror House

Test your senses in ‘Lights Out’, where near darkness hides the threats lurking nearby until it’s too late… Or you can see how you fair with the barbaric clowns inside the House of Darkness. Our Halloween haunted houses have all you need for a frightful shriek right next to Thornton. This season, be sure to experience all the intense terror and fear you can handle just outside of Thornton inside our wickedly frightful haunted houses.

One Location,
Four Frightening Experiences

More Than Just Scares For Thornton

We’ve been a Halloween staple for our nearby Thornton residents since 1983. With over 35 years of fright, we decided it’s time to support our community as much as it has supported our Halloween haunted house attraction. We started collecting costumes for children who are not fortunate enough to have access to one for the Halloween season. This is just one of the many ways we turn scaring people into something positive for our local community. Do some good this fall and subject yourself to mind-altering terror near Thornton at The Frightmare Compound.

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Enjoy the Terror of The Frightmare Compound – Plan Your Visit Today!

As Colorado’s oldest haunted attraction, we aim to terrify you year after year. Test your courage by visiting the scariest haunted house in the state! Experience the terror that was started by Brad Holder and continuously updated by our team of scare experts. Can you survive a night at The Frightmare Compound? Will you escape the clown-infested House of Darkness? Can you find the exit from our Lights Out night? Find out this year and plan your visit today!

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