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We take our responsibility to scare very seriously. Our desire to provide some of the most thrilling experiences in the area has resulted in a team up with HD Escape Rooms — a company dedicated to testing your wits and challenging your perception. With specially designed rooms, well-orchestrated scenes, and puzzles that’ll challenge even Bobby Fischer, you’re sure to enjoy yourself in the Haunted Mansion at HD Escape Rooms.

Escape your Reality in the Center of Denver

A 130 year old mansion sets the scene for the Haunted Mansion escape room. The original owner of the building was G.V. Kram, a gentleman who struck gold in the late 1800s. Using his fortune, he built himself a mansion from the ground up and married a youthful woman named Emily. Soon Kram would suspect infidelity of his wife, and upon learning of her web of deceit, he concealed his fortune in the basement and hanged himself from the rafters. Unbeknownst to Kram, his wife was pregnant. Later she would die during childbirth, leaving their daughter Emily to grow up in the Denver mansion alone. Despite having the property being owned by several people, the spirit of the Kram lineage lurks within the halls.

Adventures, Thrills at The Haunted Mansion Escape Room

Test your mental prowess and emotional durability with the Haunted Mansion escape game supplied by the Frightmare Compound. We exhaust all our resources and efforts in order to deliver high quality entertainment with the backdrop of a haunted mansion. With creepy décor, spooky sets, and mind-bending challenges, you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime. Get into the Halloween spirit and enter the Haunted Mansion Escape Room.

Haunted Mansion Escape Game in the Heart of Denver

Conducted in a haunted mansion with carefully crafted décor, sets, and puzzles, we strive to provide a unique escape game that combines the fun of riddles with the excitement of horror. Allow us to try your cognition and visit the Haunted Mansion at Escape Reality in Denver. You can summon your mental and emotional strength with the quests we supply.

Amplify Your Fright With Our Halloween Attractions near Denver

Terror lurks on the grounds of The Frightmare Compound as you make your way through the scariest horror house near Denver. Even the bravest of souls have whimpered at the sight of the monsters, ghosts, and unexplained roaming around the grounds. You’ll find unimaginable terrors behind every corner. Whether you’re ready to escape an infamous serial killer at our mini escape rooms, commemorate your experience at our monster museum, or face death head on with our coffin simulator, we have the haunted attractions that’ll satisfy all.

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