3 red burning candles lighting the darkness.

Lights Out Haunted House in Denver, CO: Completely Dark Haunted House

Every Halloween season at The Frightmare Compound, Denver visitors' senses will be turned against them, and their deepest and darkest fears will be intensified during the Lights Out haunted house nights. Only a few nights every season, our team makes the scares more extreme by turning out all the lights in the compound. With nothing to guide our Denver customers way to the finish line, you'll be asking yourself - do I have what it takes to make it in complete darkness?

Lights Out!

November 4th & 5th only!

The whole compound goes dark! Complete darkness with only a candle to light your way! This intense event is not for the faint of heart. Pitch black with creatures crawling all over the compound. Can you make it through? Get your friends & get your tickets now before they sellout! Buy Tickets

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Lost souls love the darkness and thrive in a low lit environment, making your journey scarier than most horror houses around Denver. Brad Holder, the founder of The Frightmare Compound, worked hard to bring the community a memorable horror house for 16 years before falling fatally ill and to his death. With his resting place being somewhere on the property, he now works harder than ever to bring live souls from Denver who walk his compound a good scare.

Our Reputation is What Makes Our Horror House Close to Denver Special

For over 39 years, our team has done our best to welcome millions of Denver visitors to The Frightmare Compound. Those who don't just crave fear but want to live it can do so at our horror house. All our hard work has earned The Frightmare Compound the title of being the number one scariest haunted house throughout Denver's metro area. With new attractions every year, our Lights Out event is sure to keep you anxious the entire time.

Denver Residents Are Ready to Find Out What Wanders in the Darkness

When you enter our dark haunted house, there's no turning back! This lights out horror house is not for the weak hearted. As the most horrifying haunted house for Denver residents, you'll soon see why not everyone makes it through. For only a few nights a season, we turn off all the lights and allow those who dare to try to get through the dark haunted house. It will force the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up, and you'll be searching for the light switch, but there isn't one at the Lights Out dark haunted house near Denver.

Amplify Your Fright With Our Halloween Attractions near Denver

Terror lurks on the grounds of The Frightmare Compound as you make your way through the scariest horror house near Denver. Even the bravest of souls have whimpered at the sight of the monsters, ghosts, and unexplained roaming around the grounds. You’ll find unimaginable terrors behind every corner. Whether you’re ready to escape an infamous serial killer at our mini escape rooms, commemorate your experience at our monster museum, or face death head on with our coffin simulator, we have the haunted attractions that’ll satisfy all.

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