Lights Out Haunted Attraction in Denver, CO


Located in Westminster, The Frightmare Compound is Denver’s oldest haunted attraction. Founded in 1983 by Brad Holder, it is noted to be the first haunted house to spook the Denver area. Every Halloween season at The Frightmare Compound, visitors’ senses will be turned against them and their deepest and darkest fears will be intensified during the “Lights Out” haunted house nights. Our haunted attraction is known throughout the Denver metro area to provide visitors with a Hollywood-quality, truly scary experience.

Denver’s Leading Scary and Dark Haunted House

Brad Holder obsessively concocted Denver’s scariest haunted house for 16 years before falling fatally ill and to his death. He is said to be buried somewhere deep within the chambers of our compound. Since his death, The Frightmare Compound has invested millions of dollars in retaining its reputation and keeping the standards high for his Halloween haunted house. People from all over the Denver metro area come year after year to feel the thrill and spooky vibe of the property.

Providing Our Patrons with An Unforgettable Experience

Over the last 35 years, we have welcomed millions of visitors locally who crave a feeling of fear. Because of our compound’s authentic roots within the haunted house industry, we have gained quite the legend throughout Denver. The Frightmare Compound has earned itself the title of being the number one scariest haunted house throughout Denver’s metro area. Each year we introduce new and thrilling ways to terrify Denver patrons – one of which is offering a completely dark haunted house for those who are brave enough to succumb to the horrors.

Terrifying Denver Visitors with Our Lights Out Haunted House

The Frightmare Compound is definitely not for the weak hearted. Our Halloween haunted house is considered to be one of the most horrifying in Denver. Each season for a few nights only, we turn off all the lights and allow those who dare to try to get through the house in darkness. Our lights out haunted house is the scariest Denver has ever seen. The Frightmare Compound’s dark haunted house is only for the bravest visitors. It will forces the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up and you’ll be searching for the light switch – but there isn’t one.

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Enjoy the Terror of The Frightmare Compound – Plan Your Visit Today!

As Colorado’s oldest haunted attraction, we aim to terrify you year after year. Test your courage by visiting the scariest haunted house in the state! Experience the terror that was started by Brad Holder and continuously updated by our team of scare experts. Can you survive a night at The Frightmare Compound? Will you escape the clown-infested House of Darkness? Can you find the exit from our Lights Out night? Find out this year and plan your visit today!

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