Haunted House in Denver, CO: The Frightmare Compound, Lights Out Haunted House & More!

Ghost in Haunted House

For over 38 years, The Frightmare Compound has been scaring Denver residents, and we have no intention of stopping now. We have something for the whole family at our haunted attraction in Westminster. Whether you’re looking for a fast paced setting to put your problem solving skills to the test, looking to commemorate your time on the compound with a few pictures and a souvenir from the gift shop, or if you’re simply ready for the scares, our horror house is the place to be for Denver residents.

Denver's World Famous Haunted House

38 Years Of Terror!


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Do Denverites Dare Enter The Frightmare Compound?

What makes The Frightmare Compound different than other haunted houses around the Denver area is its history. It’s said that the founder, Brad Holder had his last resting place on the grounds of this very compound. Sightings of him have been reported by Denver residents, but nothing has been proven. When you make your way through our haunted house, don’t be surprised if you come face to face with the ghost of Brad Holder.


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More Prices

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Are You Brave Enough to Wander the Dark at Our Haunted Attraction?

Everyone’s afraid of the dark on the grounds of the compound. With no light guiding you to the finish line of our haunted house, you’ll soon be crying out for help. Nothing but the darkness and the whimpers of nearby haunted house goers will have you doubting your every move. Find out what lurks in the shadows at The Frightmare Compound serving the Denver community.

Shadow of woman on the frosted glass representing dangerous, fear, help, haunting, horror and scary.

Enter the House of Horrors Near Denver & See Our Deadly Monsters Up Close

At our monster museum, the Denver community can see for itself the horrific creatures that lie within the walls of the compound. Put your fears aside and take pictures of the memories you made here at our one of a kind haunted attraction. With a selfie station and a unique gift shop, there’s nothing you can’t find at our house of horrors.


Amplify Your Fright With Our Halloween Attractions near Denver

Terror lurks on the grounds of The Frightmare Compound as you make your way through the scariest horror house near Denver. Even the bravest of souls have whimpered at the sight of the monsters, ghosts, and unexplained roaming around the grounds. You’ll find unimaginable terrors behind every corner. Whether you’re ready to escape an infamous serial killer at our mini escape rooms, commemorate your experience at our monster museum, or face death head on with our coffin simulator, we have the haunted attractions that’ll satisfy all.

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