Is there free parking? 

Yes we provide large free parking lots for our guests. 

Mini Escape Room & Coffin Ride Simulator Ticket Infortmation 

  • Escape room and coffin ride simulator tickets are NOT sold on the last ticketed time slot of the day.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your haunted house ticketed time slot to experience your escape room and or coffin ride.

Is it too scary for kids? 

We leave this call up to the parents. There is nothing inappropriate for kids to see… it is very scary, and we do not give refunds. 

Is it wheelchair accessible? 

We will do everything in our power to get someone through. We definitely can’t take powered chairs through. We have built a custom Frightmare wheelchair with off road tires and upgraded handles for our crew to lift and carry where it is necessary. 

Can we wear costumes? 

Costumes are normally ok… we do not allow any form of mask or head covering into the haunted house. No props / Toy weapons. 

Can we enter with a cast? 

Any form of cast, boot, cane, or walker will need to sign a rough terrain advisory form. Anyone under 18 will need to have a parent or legal guardian available to sign the form. 

Are refunds offered?

No refunds for any reason. You are more than welcome to sell or gift your tickets to someone else. This event is just like a concert or sporting event the show happens if the tickets is used or not. 


Is there any advantage to buying tickets online?

If you buy tickets online, you don’t have to wait in line at the ticket booth or print them out. There is an attachment at the bottom of your email with a QR code ticket we can scan straight off your phone at the gate. 

What if I didn’t get an email with tickets? 

Please check your spam box and search The Frightmare Compound. Most of the time if you don’t receive the email that is where it is.


Amplify Your Fright With Our Halloween Attractions near Denver

Terror lurks on the grounds of The Frightmare Compound as you make your way through the scariest horror house near Denver. Even the bravest of souls have whimpered at the sight of the monsters, ghosts, and unexplained roaming around the grounds. You’ll find unimaginable terrors behind every corner. Whether you’re ready to escape an infamous serial killer at our mini escape rooms, commemorate your experience at our monster museum, or face death head on with our coffin simulator, we have the haunted attractions that’ll satisfy all.

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