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Halloween Haunted Horror House in Denver, CO

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The most haunted compound in Denver, Westminster, Broomfield, and all of Colorado history is upon you! Your search for a scary haunted house in Denver, Westminster, or Broomfield is over – The Frightmare Compound is it. Our haunted house in Westminster knows what it takes to make your skin crawl, shivers surge and shrieks flow. The Frightmare Compound’s haunted house is located in Westminster and is open to adventurous souls throughout Denver, Broomfield, and the rest of Colorado. This horror house has the highest ratings in the Denver, Westminster, and Broomfield area because we keep bringing the scare factor an entirely new level! Come, experience true fear at The Frightmare Compound Halloween house in Westminster!

Scary Haunted House in Broomfield and Westminster

Our haunted compound, located in the Broomfield and Westminster area, is a ghastly scene known for its terrifying ambience and unnerving atmosphere. Feel alone and abandoned in the scariest horror house in Denver, Westminster, Broomfield, and the state of Colorado. This Halloween house is not for the faint of heart! If you dare come, come ready to test your fearlessness, as we have years of experience watching people just like you sprint from our horrifying haunted compound!

We enjoy giving you options this Colorado Halloween season, so our haunted house is more than that, with an equally as scary and thrilling Clown House attraction! Just think about being locked in a maze full of killer clowns. If you think you can handle the psychotic laughter and the colorfully bloody sounds, you better come to this scary haunted house in the Denver, Westminster, and Broomfield area to test your mettle! This Denver horror house will be the most fun you’ll have this Halloween season!

Denver Haunted House Tickets

Denver Haunted House Tickets

General Admission Ticket
$27.99 Sun – Thu | $29.99 Fri & Sat
  • Admittance into the haunted house
  • Standard wait time

VIP Ticket
$37.99 Sun – Thu | $39.99 Fri & Sat
  • Admittance into the haunted house
  • Limited wait time, typically 1/3 the wait time of general admission

Immediate Access Ticket
$47.99 Sun – Thu | $49.99 Fri & Sat
  • Admittance into the haunted house
  • No wait time, jump ahead of both general admission and VIP ticket holders

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Dates & Times

Dates & Times

Sunday – Thursday

$27.99 General Admission

7:00pm to 10:00pm

Friday & Saturday

$29.99 General Admission

7:00pm to 12:00am

Lights Out – Nov 1st – 3rd

$27.99 - General Admission

$37.99 - VIP Admission

$47.99 - Immediate Access

7:00pm to 12:00am

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Group Ticketing Promos

Group Size: 15-24 individuals

Discount: 15% OFF

Promo Code: Fright15

Group Size: 25-49 individuals

Discount: 20% OFF

Promo Code: Fright20

Group Size: 50-74 individuals

Discount: 30% OFF

Promo Code: Fright30

Group Size: 75-99 individuals

Discount: 40% OFF

Promo Code: Fright40

Group Size: 100+ individuals

Discount: 50% OFF

Promo Code: Email to book groups of 100 or more

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Directions from Denver

Take I-25 North to Hwy. 36 West. Take Hwy. 36 West to 104th Ave (Church Ranch Exit). Take 104th West (left) to Old Wadsworth. Take Old Wadsworth North (right) to 108th Ave. We are on the southwest corner of 108th and Old Wadsworth.

Directions from Boulder

Take Hwy 36 East toward Denver. Take CO-121 Broomfield/Arvada exit. Take Wadsworth South (right) to 108th Ave. Take 108th Ave. East (left) to Old Wadsworth and we are on the Southwest corner of 108th and Old Wadsworth.

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Denver Haunted House

Denver’s Oldest Halloween House

The Frightmare Compound, located in Westminster, Colorado, was the first haunted compound in the Denver area. The haunted house was founded in 1983 by horror mastermind Brad Holder, who obsessively constructed and created Colorado’s scariest haunted house for over 16 years before he fell fatally ill. Brad is said to be buried somewhere in the deepest caverns of the horror house, and people from Denver, Westminster, Broomfield and the state of Colorado come year after year to feel the thrill of the property. Our story has become a legend in the scary haunted house industry because of its authentic roots. Over the past 30 years, The Frightmare Compound has invested millions in keeping its legend alive – raising the bar for Halloween houses in Denver, Broomfield, Westminster, and throughout the state of Colorado. We are solely focused on turning the senses of our patrons against them as well as intensifying their fears every Halloween.

The Frightmare Compound has become a staple in Denver, Westminster, Broomfield and throughout Colorado as one of the area’s premier haunted compounds. Over the past 3 decades, we have welcomed thousands of patrons who crave “The Feeling.” The feeling of PANIC…of WEAKNESS…of complete and utter FEAR, and year after year we deliver to our guests who are thirsty for more. We raise the bar each and every Halloween season at our haunted house, introducing new and exciting ways to terrify those brave enough to enter. We pride ourselves on being Colorado’s #1 rated horror house and bringing our guests a Hollywood-quality scary haunted house experience. Considered as the most horrifying Halloween house in Denver, this is not for the weak hearted. Come if you dare!

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Contact Us

Contact Us

10798 Yukon St, Westminster, CO 80021, United States