Mini Escape Rooms in Denver, CO: Haunted Escape Room

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Are you ready to prove you have what it takes and put your problem solving skills to the test at our mini escape rooms? The Frightmare Compound brings you an experience unmatched by any other haunted attraction serving the Denver community. However, be warned. There's no way of telling if our scary escape rooms will follow you home, embedding in your darkest dreams. Can you escape unscathed, or will you face your demise like so many others so at our mini escape rooms?

The Freezer

Big Al has always been known for his top of the line, homegrown cuts selling the finest meats to some of Denver's top restaurants. It's been said the elite of the elite eat Al's meat. You've been trying to get a reservation for months at some of these restaurants around Denver but so far haven't had any luck. That's why when you received a letter in the mail being its customer of the month club winning a trip to meet Big Al himself, you didn't even realize you never signed up in the first place €¦ The day has come to meet the king of meats. You find yourself in Al's freezer amongst some familiar faces. He enters and explains he's going to show you firsthand how he makes his famous meat and takes out a knife. Al's top choice meat ... is you. You must get away or end up on the menu in this haunted attraction.

The Boiler Room

You are the most recent victim of the infamous serial killer, "The Swine." You remember seeing his picture on the Denver news a few weeks back. With no recollection of what happened, you wake up in an empty white room. The first thing you hear is a loud hissing coming from the boiler. The heat quickly starts to rise, your vision starts to blur, and you begin to feel almost faint. You try to remember what happened, but the last thing you can think of is falling asleep in the comfort of your bed. You look around to see your Denver neighbors locked up in this boiler room as well. Now you must work together and solve the puzzles before the time is up. Disable the boiler breaker and pump before the room ignites. You have five minutes to prove yourself and escape this twisted, scary escape room. With no clues and the clock ticking, can you take the heat?

The Plane Wreck

The apocalypse is upon us, and hoards of the undead surround the Frightmare Compound. You hear faint sounds of sinister footsteps getting closer and unexplained noises consume the outside of the building. In a frantic state, you quickly look around to search for a way to escape or a weapon. Coming up empty handed, you hear a loud thud. You look out the window and find that a plane carrying the antidote has crashed on the grounds near your building. After making your way to the crash, it's up to you to start the aircraft and escape with the antidote before the government nukes the facility. You have five minutes before the strike begins. You are humanity's last hope. Good luck!

The Hearse Body Drop

Business at Rigor and Mortis funeral homes has been a bit dead lately. To liven up the business, they have hired you as their new cadaverous chauffer. Unfortunately, your experience as a lifeless Lyft driver in Denver isn't going so well. You don't do so well with dead bodies, and it's time to load one up in the back of your vehicle. Terrified you're going to mess up or touch the corpse, you work quickly. When loading your most recent stiff in the back, you drop your keys in his open wound. Beads of sweat form on your forehead, and the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. The more heavily you breathe, the weaker you become. It's your job to slow down and dig your keys out of the dead boy. However, don't go too slow. You have five minutes until the funeral starts, and you must make it there on time, or this job will be a dead end.

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