A slightly open empty wooden coffin with a metal crucifix and handles on a dark ominous background - 3D Render

Coffin Simulator in Denver, CO: Haunted Attractions & Scary Rides

Coffin Simulator Rides are NOT sold on the last ticketed time slot of the day

Please arrive 30 minutes before your haunted house ticketed time slot to experience your Escape Room and or Coffin Ride.

Are you brave enough to take your scares to the next level at our Westminster location? Nothing could be scarier for Denver residents than facing their demise. The Frightmare Compound's coffin simulator allows our customers to experience what it would be like to get buried alive! For only the bravest of souls in Denver, you'll experience firsthand the mental and physical state of your coffin falling deeper into the earth while you're still breathing.

Getting Buried Alive is Only for the Bravest in Denver

Imagine hearing the whimpers of your loved ones as they tell their last goodbyes at your funeral in Denver. Envision piles of dirt falling on your coffin surrounding your body with no escape. With our coffin simulator, you no longer have to imagine. Experience it for yourself when you visit our haunted attraction for the Denver community. You'll soon be looking for a way out, only to find there isn't one.

Claustrophobia Is No Joke

Are you scared of small, confined places with nowhere to run? You are not alone - much of the world suffers from varying degrees of claustrophobia. Face your fears head on via our most sought out haunted attractions in the Denver area. The longer you're stuck in the coffin, the harder you'll likely breathe. The air thickens, and you may start to panic. Who's going to save you from this horrid death? The answer is no one. Do you have what it takes to get buried alive, or will you fall short like so many others around Denver do when faced with the scariest ride at our haunted attraction?

Mortality Isn't Forever for Denverites at Our Scare House

For over 39 years, we've been haunting our Denver customers with the scariest ride in town. No matter how brave you've been in the past, our coffin simulator is something entirely different. As you are covered with mounds of cold earth, the pressure may be too much to handle. Like no other haunted attraction in the Denver area, we're proud to say our coffin simulator is known as the scariest ride yet at The Frightmare Compound.

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Terror lurks on the grounds of The Frightmare Compound as you make your way through the scariest horror house near Denver. Even the bravest of souls have whimpered at the sight of the monsters, ghosts, and unexplained roaming around the grounds. You’ll find unimaginable terrors behind every corner. Whether you’re ready to escape an infamous serial killer at our mini escape rooms, commemorate your experience at our monster museum, or face death head on with our coffin simulator, we have the haunted attractions that’ll satisfy all.

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