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The Frightmare Compound is one of Colorado’s first haunted attractions, providing Boulder visitors with an authentic and frightening experience. Brad Holder founded The Frightmare Compound in 1983, spending 16 years concocting one of the scariest haunted houses you have ever seen. Patrons that come from Boulder and venture our haunted house risk their senses turning against them and their fears being intensified. We have gained quite the reputation throughout the Boulder area as the #1 scariest haunted attraction around.




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$32.99 / Halloween Night

$29.99 / Lights Out

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35 Years of Providing a Terrifying Experience

The Frightmare Compound has been around for the last 3 decades, and millions of dollars of dollars have been put into its level of scariness. This Halloween haunted house is rumored to be have ghosts and lost souls from the 1800s that wander the property, creating an authentic experience for Boulder visitors. At The Frightmare Compound, we pride ourselves in the history of our horror house and providing Boulder visitors with a Hollywood-like scary experience.

Denver's World Famous Haunted House

35 Years Of Terror!


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Authentic Scary Halloween Haunted House

When you visit The Frightmare Compound, you are forced to find your way through the caverns and catacombs of our horror house. Boulder visitors come to our Halloween haunted house an experience the eeriness compound, which is built on unholy grounds where hauntings have occurred and remains have been found. The creator of The Frightmare Compound, Brad Holder, is even said to be buried somewhere in the deepest caverns of the horror house.

One Location,
Four Frightening Experiences

Haunted Attraction to Visit Near Boulder

The Frightmare Compound is not a place for the weak-hearted. We promise to give our patrons visiting from Boulder a terrifying experience that is an eerily-realistic experience. Our haunted house holds such a creepy background, making it impossible to not feel terrified when on the grounds. Each year, we come up with new and exciting ways to scare Boulder visitors and create a feeling of paralyzing fear. Anyone who dares to enter our historic compound is risking serious fear.

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Enjoy the Terror of The Frightmare Compound – Plan Your Visit Today!

As Colorado’s oldest haunted attraction, we aim to terrify you year after year. Test your courage by visiting the scariest haunted house in the state! Experience the terror that was started by Brad Holder and continuously updated by our team of scare experts. Can you survive a night at The Frightmare Compound? Will you escape the clown-infested House of Darkness? Can you find the exit from our Lights Out night? Find out this year and plan your visit today!

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