When is the Halloween haunted house, “Frightmare Compound,” open?

As the most popular Halloween haunted house in Westminster, The Frightmade Compound is open every day of the week. Between Sunday and Thursday, this haunted house in Colorado is open from 7pm to 10pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can visit this spooky Halloween haunted house by Broomfield from 7pm all the way up until midnight.

What ticket types are available at this haunted house?

Whether you are looking for a haunted house in Arvada, a Halloween haunted place in Westminister or a horror house in Broomfield, you might be drawn to the Frightmare Compound. There are three ticket types available at our location, one of the scariest haunted houses in Broomfield, and they are:

General Admission Tickets: These tickets give you access to both of our haunted houses in Westminster, called Frightmare and the House of Darkness, which are definitely the scariest haunted houses in Westminster. These tickets are $25 per person, and they are guaranteed to thrill anyone who loves Halloween haunted houses in Denver.

VIP Fastpass Tickets: Kick up your visit to scary haunted houses in Colorado by purchasing a VIP Fastpass ticket for $35. If you want to tour two incredible Halloween haunted houses in Westminster without waiting in line for too long, these tickets shorten the wait by as much as two-thirds, getting you in the door of these haunted houses in Broomfield faster than ever.

Immediate Access Ticket: Short on time? Want to leave plenty of extra time for zombie paintball shooting in Denver? Purchase the Immediate Access ticket, which is $45 for admission to both of the scariest haunted houses in Arvada. This ticket to both scary haunted houses in Westminster lets you completely bypass the line and head right to the attraction of your choice.

Can tickets to the horror house be purchased online?

Yes! To speed up the process of visiting either the scary haunted house in Westminster or zombie paintballing in Broomfield, you can purchase your tickets online.

What payment methods are accepted at this scary haunted house?

Along with cash, you can pay for your entry to the Halloween haunted houses or the zombie paintballing near Denver with Visa or Mastercard.

What ages should visit this scary haunted house in Colorado?

With a reputation as one of the scariest haunted houses in Colorado, the Frightmare Compound is suitable for those who aren’t afraid to get spooked! Some children love the experience, but there are some adults who run screaming from our Halloween horror houses in Denver!

How long is the wait to enter this haunted house in Denver?

The wait for this Halloween horror house by Denver can vary depending on when you visit. At the beginning of October, the wait to enter the scariest haunted house by Broomfield may be just a few minutes, but closer to Halloween, the wait lengthens. To avoid long lines at our Halloween haunted houses in Arvada, aim to arrive as close to 7pm as possible.

How long does it take to visit the Frightmare Compound, a haunted house in Westminster?

One of the great things about the Frightmare Compound, one of the top Halloween haunted places in Denver, is its size. How long it takes to walk through the haunted space is up to you and how scared you are! Some groups take their time, and others run through quickly as this is definitely one of the spookiest Halloween horror houses in Broomfield.

Are there any refunds available from this horror house in Denver?

Once you have purchased a ticket to the scariest haunted house in Westminster, it cannot be returned or refunded. However, tickets are valid for any night, so come back at another time, and use your ticket then to tour these scary haunted houses by Arvada.

At this Halloween haunted place in Denver, is there parking available?

Since we are one of the most popular haunted houses in the Denver area, we provide lots of free parking for our patrons. The Frightmare Compound has two large lots for vehicles, so parking won’t be a problem during your visit to our location for zombie paintballing in Colorado or to explore our horror house of Westminster.

Once tickets are paid for, can they be used more than once to tour the haunted place of Broomfield, a.k.a. the Frightmare Compound?

Once you have purchased your ticket to either our scary haunted houses of Broomfield or our zombie paintballing in Westminster, it can be used only once. If you want to try it again, feel free to purchase an additional ticket.

Are photos allowed in the haunted houses within the Frightmare Compound?

No. Enjoy the thrills in this scary haunted house in Arvada, but please don’t take any pictures or video.

Do these horror houses in Denver have strobe lights?

At the Frightmare Compound, we do have some areas with strobe lights. This extra element helps make the attraction the most haunted places in Westminster.

Are there a lot of dark places in the Frightmare Compound, which is one of the scariest haunted houses in Denver?

Yes! Part of what makes the Frightmare Compound the most terrifyingly fun Halloween horror place in Broomfield are the many dark places where thrills can hide!

Is smoking allowed in the zombie paintball of Colorado area or in the haunted places?

No. Whether you are getting spooked at the Halloween haunted houses of Broomfield or trying out zombie paintball shooting in Broomfield, no smoking is allowed due to our fire code.

Will actors in the horror houses by Arvada touch visitors, and can visitors touch the actors?

No, actors in our haunted places of Westminster won’t touch you, and we ask that you please not touch them.

Is the Frightmare Compound scary?

In a word, YES! The Frightmare Compound has spent 30 years earning a reputation as one of the most haunted houses in Colorado, so we guarantee a spooky, scary and thrilling experience.

What makes the Frightmare Compound such a spooky, haunted place in Denver?

Along with special effects and excellent actors, our two horror houses in Broomfield got to be so spooky because of the Frightmare Compound’s thrilling story. Enter an abandoned Halloween attraction in a condemned state after the death of the owner. You’ll feel chills up your spine in our Halloween horror place by Denver!

What is Zombie Paintball in Denver?

In our Halloween haunted places in Broomfield, we also offer zombie paintballing. After touring the haunted house in Broomfield, come back for a chance to survive a zombie apocalypse with the help of your teammates and a paintball gun. If you loved our Halloween horror houses in Arvada, you will love this fast-paced adventure!

What dates and times will the zombie paintball shooting in Colorado be available?

Although the Halloween haunted places in Westminster are a big hit in October, zombie paintball in Arvada takes place on November 7th and 8th, and you will need to reserve your team’s slot for zombie paintball in Westminster in advance. You can do this online or when you visit the haunted houses in Arvada during the Halloween season.

To write a story about this scary haunted house in Denver, who is the best person to contact?

Media contacts who want to learn more about our Halloween haunted place in Arvada or our zombie paintball shooting in Westminster can do so by emailing [email protected] or calling 303-GO-SCARE.

Where can answers be found for additional questions regarding these scary haunted houses?

To learn more about our haunted places of Broomfield or our zombie paintballing in Arvada, email [email protected] for additional details on our Halloween horror places in Denver.