House of Darkness Haunted Attraction in Denver, CO

The Frightmare Compound has something to trigger everyone’s fears. Including the prevalent fear of clowns. Just north of Denver in our House of Darkness, the smiling faces of our clowns are ready to greet you and drag you into insanity. You will never be the same–even in the safety of your home in Denver– visions of your experience will enter your dreams to haunt you. Do you have what it takes to face these fiends and survive with your mind intact?

Poppy’s Funhouse a Haunted House of Horror

Long ago, Poppy built a funhouse north of Denver to entertain and dazzle his audiences. When Poppy lost his mind, it spiraled into a scary clown house. Still located near Denver, this haunted attraction awaits the bold and the foolish. Can you make it through the ever-present laughter to return to the Denver area with a sound mind? Or will you end up like Poppy..? Enter the House of Darkness to find out.

The Denver Metro Area’s Terrifying Clown Haunted House

The clowns in our Halloween haunted house want Denver residents to come out and play. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would you? All they want is for you to laugh… Stopping at nothing to force a smile on your face. Do you dare to risk catching their mania? Work to escape this Halloween haunted house and just maybe you can head back into the Denver area unscathed. Just ignore the random giggles. Surely they will fade away—eventually…

Face Your Fears Near Denver at Our Scary Clown House

What do you fear? If you’re one of the many in the Denver area who suffers from coulrophobia (fear of clowns), the House of Darkness may just be the place to face it... Enter our clown haunted house and come face to face with the twisted smiles and manic laughter of Poppy’s troupe of clowns. Will you return to your home in Denver with your fear conquered? Or will it have conquered you? Find out this year as you enter the House of Darkness, just north of Denver.

Enjoy the Terror of The Frightmare Compound – Plan Your Visit Today!

As Colorado’s oldest haunted attraction, we aim to terrify you year after year. Test your courage by visiting the scariest haunted house in the state! Experience the terror that was started by Brad Holder and continuously updated by our team of scare experts. Can you survive a night at The Frightmare Compound? Will you escape the clown-infested House of Darkness? Can you find the exit from our Lights Out night? Find out this year and plan your visit today!