The Frightmare Compound’s Haunted Horror House in Denver, CO


The Frightmare Compound located in Westminster, Colorado was the first haunted house in the Denver area. Founded in 1983 by master mind Brad Holder, he obsessively constructed and created Colorado’s scariest haunted house for over 16 years before he fell fatally ill. Brad is said to be buried somewhere in the deepest caverns of the horror house. The Westminster property has become a legend in the haunted house industry because of its authentic roots as a Halloween horror house. During the Halloween season, guests come from around the globe to experience what others can only dream about. Over the past 30 years, The Frightmare Compound has invested millions to keep its legend alive – raising the bar for haunted houses in Denver, Broomfield, Westminster and across the U.S. We are solely focused on squeezing your senses and intensifying your fears every Halloween.

The Frightmare Compound has become a staple in Colorado as one of the premier haunted houses notorious for being beyond scary! Over the past 3 decades we have welcomed thousands of hungry patrons who crave “The Feeling”. The feeling of PANIC…of WEAKNESS…of complete and utter FEAR, and year after year we deliver to our guests who are thirsty for more. We raise the bar each and every Halloween season at our scary haunted house, introducing new and exciting ways to terrify those brave enough to enter. We pride ourselves in being Denver’s #1 rated Halloween Horror House, and bringing our guests a Hollywood quality and scary haunted house experience in Colorado. Considered as the most horrifying horror house in Denver, this is not for the weak hearted. Come if you dare!

This scary haunted house in Westminster has such an eerie background, that it will be impossible to not feel the hair on your back stand up. Of all haunted houses alive during Halloween, at ours, you can already feel the lost souls wandering around the compound. You and your friends can enjoy one of the highest rated Halloween haunted houses in Denver together and flatten yourselves against our walls to not be seen by the bodies that lurk within the building. This being an actual compound with ghosts haunting the house qualifies our Westminster Halloween Horror House to be the most authentic of haunted houses. Trap yourselves inside one of Colorado’s absolute scariest haunted houses filled with souls that are passionate in terrorizing you!

Why choose The Frightmare Compound’s Halloween Horror House in Denver

What makes the Frightmare Compound’s haunted houses of Colorado so paralyzing is the horrifying ambiance. Our home is the oldest Halloween haunted house in the Westminster area and buried just beneath is the person who made its haunting happen. Since his passing, millions of dollars were invested in keeping this haunted house the scariest in all of Denver! In addition to his death, horrifyingly enough, our house is also built on unholy ground from back in the 1800’s. These hauntings near the house have brought strange events involving the excavation of animal and human remains. The national attention brought from this Westminster built horror house has drawn millions of attendees over the years.

If you’re searching for a haunted horror house in Westminster, Broomfield, or the Denver Metro area, the Frightmare Compound is the place you need to be this Halloween season. Haunted houses have never been so scary, but with a scary haunted house like Colorado’s The Frightmare, we are expected to surprise your body out of your skin! Broomfield and Westminster house the scary Halloween haunted house that has received several positive reviews for its charming, yet frightening attractions. Find your own way through the caverns and catacombs of our scary horror house built on haunted Broomfield wetlands! Don’t waste your breath screaming from other haunted houses in Westminster, Broomfield, or Denver – come and see what the panic is all about this Halloween!


We take pride in the background and history of our Halloween horror house serving the Westminster, Broomfield, and Denver Metro area. If you’ve got questions or concerns regarding our horror houses in Colorado, please feel comfortable contacting us today about what we can do for you! We hope to provide a scary experience in our Westminster haunted houses at The Frightmare Compound. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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