The Frightmare Compound’s Scary Clown Haunted House in Denver, CO

Poppy Sycamore was the proud director of a small-town circus in 1947. His clown-themed funhouse was the highlight of his hometown year after year, and every fall during the Halloween season, Poppy could not wait to open his doors to the public. Tragically, Poppy fell mentally ill in the summer of 1976, and on opening night that fall, the funhouse turned into the bloodiest massacre the small town had ever seen. No one survived the psychotic rampage of Poppy Sycamore. The town was so scared to step foot into the clown haunted house that it sat dormant for decades until finally the abandoned, scary clown house was relocated to Denver’s world-famous haunted house – The Frightmare Compound. Poppy’s bloody haunted clown house is now open to the public as The House of Darkness, and it is rumored that Poppy’s eerie laugh can still be heard by those that step foot inside…do you dare venture into Broomfield’s most feared haunted house?

Step Inside the Haunted Clown House of Westminster!

With the fear of clowns refreshed after decades, we offer THE scariest Clown House in Colorado! The Frightmare Compound hosts a clown haunted house made specifically for the Denver, Westminster, Broomfield, and Colorado community. Don’t expect our haunted clown house to make it any easier to get over the nervous energy that clowns bring, but you can definitely expect to become part of our circus. The communal hatred of clowns became part of history when Poppy began chopping off limbs and lopping off heads in his scary clown house. We aim to replicate this terror for our Denver, Westminster, Broomfield and Colorado guests. We take measures above and beyond to create the perfect clown haunted house ambiance, set in the quiet, cold Westminster wetlands – exactly where you don’t want to be when the clowns start chasing you.

This scary clown house attracts thousands of guests from all over Broomfield, Westminster, Denver, and the state of Colorado. You’ll have problems remembering that The Frightmare Compound’s scary clown house is just a simulation, but we absolutely don’t neglect the scary factor when you enter one of the premier haunted clown houses in the Denver area. If you’re looking to be scared this Halloween season, The Frightmare Compound’s haunted clown house located in Westminster is where you need to be!


We take great pride in our clown haunted house serving those in Westminster, Broomfield, Denver and the state of Colorado. If you’ve got questions or concerns regarding our Colorado clown haunted house, please feel free to contact us today about what we can do for you! We hope to provide a scary experience in our Westminster scary clown house at The Frightmare Compound. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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