The Frightmare Compound’s Clown House

Poppy Sycamore was the proud director of a small town circus in 1947. His clown themed funhouse was the highlight of his hometown year after year, and every fall during the Halloween season, Poppy could not wait to open his doors to the public. Tragically, Poppy fell mentally ill in the summer of 1976, and on opening night that fall, the fun house turned into the bloodiest massacre the small town had ever seen. No one survived the psychotic rampage of Poppy Sycamore. The town was so scared to step foot into the clown house that it sat dormant for decades, until finally the abandoned, scary clown house was relocated to Denver’s world famous haunted house – The Frightmare Compound. Poppy’s bloody haunted clown house is now open to the public as The House of Darkness, and it is rumored that Poppy’s eerie laugh can still be heard as soon as you step foot inside… do you dare?

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