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At first glance, it appeared that the swamps of The Frightmare Compound’s haunted attractions were home to nothing more than a forest full of trees and an old dilapidated barn. However, these Westminster haunted attractions were holding a secret. Once excavation began unspeakable events began to take place. Both human and animal remains were dug from the depths of the mud and trenches around the haunted grounds. It was later revealed that the old barn was built on unholy grounds in the late 1800s, and the abandoned land was home to much more than what originally met the eye. The condemned swamplands have held a secret for hundreds of years, only to be revealed to those brave enough to enter the gates of these scary haunted attractions near Denver this Halloween.

The Frightmare Compound is known for the scariest Halloween attractions in the Denver, Westminster, and Broomfield areas. We put time, sweat, and blood into making sure that our attractions have you leaving with haunting images of your visit to Westminster. Theses haunted attractions give you access to the home of Brian Holder, a man so passionate about scary Halloween attractions, that he had himself buried underneath the Westminster compound. His spirit is believed to still haunt the compound, not just during the Halloween season that these scary attractions are open!  


What makes the Frightmare Compound’s haunted attractions of Colorado so paralyzing is Brad Holder’s spirit occupying the land. We go beyond the typical horror attractions that Denver residents see as our home is the oldest Halloween haunted attraction in the Denver and Westminster area. Buried just beneath is Brad Holder, the person who made its haunting happen. In the following years, millions of dollars were invested in keeping this haunted attraction the most intense Halloween horror attraction in Colorado! The national attention brought from this Westminster built horror house has drawn millions of attendees over the years.

Seep your way into the haunted horror attractions that service the community of the Denver, Colorado area! Find yourself trapped in the catacombs of our terrifyingly old and rickety home base. No other Halloween haunted attractions can compare to the rich background of The Frightmare Compound. We’ve spent several years making sure that your experience here with us leaves you haunted and unable to sleep sound until next Halloween! The Frightmare Compound’s scary Halloween attraction serves Broomfield, Denver, Westminster and all of Colorado. Our property is as haunted as they come and we look forward to watching you attempt the maze of horror!


The Frightmare Compound hosts a new level of haunted attraction made specifically for our Denver, Colorado community. Don’t expect our scary Halloween clown attraction to make it any easier to get over the uncomfortable energy that clowns bring, but you can expect to become part of the circus. The communal hatred for clowns became part of history when Poppy Sycamore, director of a proud circus, grew mentally ill and massacred an entire tent of people. As he began chopping off limbs and lopping off heads it was known to be the bloodiest massacre of that time. Even children, who are supposed to like clowns, hate them. Try not to scare yourself while passing through our haunted clown attractions. We take measures above and beyond to create the perfect clown house ambiance, attracting you by even setting it in the quiet, cold Westminster wetlands – exactly where you don’t want to be when the clowns start chasing you out of the house. 


Don’t look for light switches in the home – THEY’RE ALL OFF! The Frightmare Compound invites Westminster, Denver, Broomfield and guests from all around to join us for the last weekend of the Halloween season as we turn out the lights and let you wander around in the dark. The Frightmare Compound completes all your deepest, darkest desires by tricking your mind and letting your mind do all the work. In this haunted experience, this is only for those of you who think too much light reveals too little scares. We guarantee the Lights Out experience at The Frightmare Compound will scare you beyond belief without us even having to lift a finger! With the history of the land here in Westminster, we have no doubt that this Halloween, you’ll be screaming all the way home!


As you begin your journey into the depths of The Frightmare Compound, be prepared to slide into the heart of the haunted house through catacombs and caverns, as you encounter cheery clowns and blood sucking creatures. Only to crawl out into the wet swamplands where true horror awaits. If you are lucky enough to have survived this far through the haunted house, you will then travel through the original 2-story barn where words cannot express the complete and utter fear you will experience. If you make it out alive, you have just escaped the most terrifying haunted house in Denver! Good luck!


The Frightmare Compound takes pleasure in our incredible scary Halloween Horror attraction serving those in the Westminster, Broomfield, and Denver Metro area. If you’ve got questions or concerns regarding our horror houses in Colorado, please feel comfortable contacting us today about what we can do for you! We hope to provide a scary experience in our Westminster haunted house attractions at The Frightmare Compound. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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