Lights Out at The Frightmare Compound’s Haunted House

Don’t look for light switches in the haunted house compound – THEY’RE ALL OFF! Come and join The Frightmare Compound at the end of our Halloween season as we turn out the lights and let you wander around in the dark. The Frightmare Compound intrigues all your deepest, darkest desires by tricking your eyes and letting your mind do all the work. In this completely haunted experience, this is only for those of you who think too much light reveals too little scares. We encourage those of you strong hearted individuals who think you can never be scared to join us in the darkness of the haunted house compound attraction. The Frightmare Compound can deliver to you the scariest night of your Halloween season!

We understand that in the case of those who don’t get scare easily, we know what it really takes to get your bones shaking out of your body. You’ve got nothing in our maze compound to guide you except the horrifying screams of the souls we’ve trapped. We guarantee the Lights Out experience at The Frightmare Compound will scare you beyond belief without us even having to lift a finger! Join us in the scariest event all year! With the history of the land here in Westminster, we have no doubt that this Halloween, you’ll be screaming all the way home!
If you’re in town or from out of town, you won’t want to miss the greatest night of the season as we shut off the lights and let your mind wander through the darkness. We’ve spent all Halloween season doing all that we can to ensure that everyone is scared, but we’re ready for the champions who have made it this far without peeing their pants and crying their way home. The Frightmare Compound is Denver’s World Famous Halloween Haunted House Attraction! We understand what it takes to scare you and without history and background of the compound, it won’t be too hard satisfying our tactics to scare you and make you jump out of your pants! Join us as we continue to be the best Halloween horror house compound during our lights out season.


We take pride in our Halloween Haunted House in the Westminster, Broomfield, and Denver Metro area. If you’ve got questions or concerns regarding our horror houses in Colorado, please feel comfortable contacting us today about what options are available to you! We hope to provide a scary experience in our Westminster haunted houses at The Frightmare Compound. We’re always looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your scared faces!

Lights Out at the Compound

Fri, Nov 10 – Sat, Nov 11

Only 5000 Tickets Available!

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